Tuesday, January 8, 2008


i was listening to some financial self-help show and after a lot of mumbo-jumbo, the bottom line was that we all need to find ways to boost our income. so, i took a look at myself to see what other things i could do to generate income outside my primary job. here's what i came up with:

1. moonlighting. by networking i can try to pick up some contract work on the side. i do this every year about this time -- many companies are doing the same things we are doing at this time of year, which is resolving to make big differences. you can tap into that behavior and get in and do some side work.

2. rental property. you can generate some side money by renting out property. of course, there's an investment involved and the returns usually don't come until after a year or two.

3. credit card / banking plays. by risking your credit score, you can sign up for credit cards or bank accounts that are giving out bonuses.

4. revolving credit plays. again, by risking your credit score, you can take advantage of 0% credit cards and stash the amount into something that returns better than 0%.

any other ideas?

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