Sunday, January 20, 2008

dinner conversation

we had dinner with some friends last night and one of them made a comment: "you know i think you guys are probably like us. we don't have a whole lot in savings, we have some in retirement, and got some credit card debt . . . ". i don't recall where the conversation went from there, but i thought it was a pretty accurate picture of the average american.

well, i didn't correct him and tell him that we have a fully funded emergency fund, save and/or invest a good chunk of our take home, and carry no debt except our mortgage. i really don't know how i was instilled with this sense of right and wrong when it comes to my finances -- i suppose it must have been my upbringing, but it really is alarming how the everyman must live.

the way people spend, i have no idea how we, as americans, can afford to retire. are we banking on social security? are we going to work forever? win the lottery?

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