Sunday, February 11, 2007

first post

i was stumbling around, looking for something interesting this sunday afternoon, and i came across a decent personal finance site. unfortunately, i can't find it anymore, and after googling for a bit, it looked like most of the existing sites out there on the matter weren't really that great.

so, i figured i'd try my hand at it and maybe could contribute something at least as good.

first, a little about me. i am a thirty-something, dinky, professional. i started my career about 10 years ago making a tight, but livable wage. i have been able to move up professionally and financially, but along the way have had to start over several times. while i have never fell into the credit trap, i have seen my bank account return to single digits, purchased way more home than i've needed, purchased luxury cars, and made a number of fiscal mistakes that i have been able to learn from and hope that others can learn from, too.

in the coming days, weeks, months, i hope to contribute some postings on saving, investing, and spending from what i have learned over the course of my life and over the past 10 years, specifically. i am by no means any type of investment professional, financial adviser, or anyone with any credentials to speak of, but, hopefully what has worked for me will work for you, and what has failed for me will be a warning for you!


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