Wednesday, February 21, 2007

0% credit

i was trolling the web the other day and came across a number of 0% credit cards. there are quite a number of cards out there offering 0% balance transfers for up to a year or longer. their rates then jump back up to typical credit card standards of 10-15%. well, i figure there are enough cards out there that i might could just revolve some credit around and never have to pay . . . never really tried to take advantage of the system like that, but i imagine it would work for a while.

anyway, i have taken advantage of this before. once, we were organizing a trip, so we collected money from all the people on the trip and booked everything through my credit card. well, instead of paying that off right away, i transferred the balance over to a 0% card for about a year while i had the cash stashed away drawing interest. it wasn't a lot, but it amounted to enough to buy a nice dinner or two at the end of the year (it was a trip to hawaii for about 25 or so, so it was a decent chunk of cash).

actually, my credit card is always has a 0% interest rate on it because i pay my balance in full every month. i still get to take advantage of 2 weeks of float . . . and while it's not a lot, it's a lot better than paying 15%!


Villa said...

You might want to check out this article on credit card "schemes":

Credit Card Tricks and Tactics: What You Should Know


aggressive saver said...

thanks, villa. i checked out the article . . . it gives a decent summary of what credit card companies do to take advantage of the consumer. i say, let's take some of those things and turn them around on the credit companies.