Saturday, May 7, 2011

4 contracts, no deals

over the past couple of weeks, i've ferreted out 4 really good real estate deals and quickly moved to make offers. one was a sfh on the market less than 7 days, and the other 3 were condo units in a complex where we already own some units.

we lost the sfh during a short negotiation to another investor or cash buyer that was going to be able to close quickly. my guess is that two of the condo units went to buyers that are likely going to occupy the units, and were able to be pay more than we were comfortable.

we are still in negotiations on the third condo. i'm optimistic that we will arrive at the price that we want, but we are having to deal with a real bungling listing agent, who has almost lost the deal for us.

just goes to show you that sometimes you can make all the right moves and still lose -- that's how real estate go.

on the hunt today for more properties.

stay tuned . . .

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