Wednesday, June 27, 2007

confessions of a job hopper

i've held more than a dozen jobs in the past 10 years. i didn't plan on it . . . it just sort of happened. but, i generally don't have to fess up as to why i haven't been at many jobs for more than a year. i have pretty marketable skills, i'm a decent interview, and i have pretty decent networking skills. while being a hopper is oftentimes looked down on, i believe that at a certain level, certain people know that valuable people are hard to retain -- they are in demand and like challenges. there is a benefit to my being a job hopper -- over the past 10 years, my salary has increased almost four-fold. it's unlikely i could have made those strides staying at one or two jobs over that time.

now, i'm not advocating it. being a job hopper isn't for everyone. there's a certain amount of risk that's involved, but for the right people in the right situations, there are good rewards.

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