Thursday, March 15, 2007

wasting away in . . .

well, i just returned from a week long vacation in manuel antonio, costa rica. it was a really relaxing and beautiful vacation. it's easy to overspend on vacation, but my wife and i were able to only spend about $100 on souvenirs and by taking advantage of the kitchen in the place that we were staying, we were able to save a ton on eating out -- i think we only dined out three or four times that week!

we vacationed with a group and rented out this amazing house for the week. it was pretty expensive, but once it was divided 10 ways, it ended up being really affordable, and it was a lot of fun vacationing with all of our friends.

we hiked, played on the beach, surfed, and enjoyed the natural beauty of costa rica without spending a ton of money.

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